Mrs. B’s Home Cooking

Mrs. B’s, where have you been all my life? When I first moved to Montgomery over four years ago, I was only vaguely familiar with the term “meat and three”. I can now proudly say that I know where to get a good meat and three in this town, heck even in some other southern […]


House in the Park 2014

House in the Park is a love bomb exploding once a year for 8 hours. There are some experiences that just are inexplicably good for your entire being. Events that lift your spirit, make your heart sing and your body free. House in the Park is one of those events.  House in the Park is […]


Tacos y Salsas

Find your happy place at Tacos y Salsas. 16th street mall in Denver is not exactly known for the gastronomical journey your taste buds will embark on while taking in the downtown scenery. You’ll have to venture in to some of the great neighborhoods to get a taste of the real Mile High cuisine. Tacos […]


Emilio’s Mexican Restaurant

Three Reasons why you should (or shouldn’t) eat at Emilio’s Mexican Restaurant. Depending on who you ask, you will receive varying reviews about Emilio’s Mexican Restaurant located in the Capital Hill area of Denver. While some will rave about the cuisine and great drink specials, others may complain about the location on the (in)famous Colfax Avenue. […]

©Winfred Hawkins

Winfred Hawkins

Deconstructing Winfred Hawkins – There’s more than meets the eye I first met Winfred in 2012. We had a mutual friend who invited us and a few other people to a movie discussion group. I didn’t think much of it at the time. As time went on, I met other people and would occasionally run […]


#yeswecode at the Essence Festival

This past weekend,I was fortunate enough to be able to volunteer for an initiative called #yeswecode at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. #Yeswecode  is an initiative started by Van Jones, backed by Prince and made possible thanks to Kalimah Priforce, Ayori Selassie and many more that I saw working incredibly hard during long hours […]