Hamburger King

Hamburger King – Best Burger in Montgomery?

When it comes to hamburgers, there are many available options out there. If you are from Montgomery, chances are you know that the best burger in town is at Hamburger King on S. Decatur Street. NO, not Burger King, Hamburger King.

This is the home of the original creepy guy with the crown. On a small building, wedged between some warehouses and a barber shop, is a mural of a king. If you see this, stop. You will be telling people about this lunch, I promise you.


Hamburger King

Tell me this isn’t the creepiest king you have ever seen?

I have read some reviews stating that this area is shady and suspect. I guess they are not from the south. I am not either, but there is nothing shady about this; unexpected maybe, but not shady. First of all, the place is only open until 2:30 PM so you won’t be looking for a burger here in the wee hours of the morning anyway. Secondly, Hamburger King is located on a pretty large street that goes straight through Montgomery, not in a dimly lit alley. In short, if you are not the kind of person who thinks buildings on large streets during the day are scary, you can visit Hamburger King with no worries.

There are so many things to say about the decor of this place but I’ll just say this: It is not modern. I am just guessing but it feels like this place has always been a blue collar restaurant since the days of yore. I can see this place in the 50’s, bustling with activity around lunch time; workers from the nearby warehouses chowing down on the delicious home made burgers. The layout of this place is much like a small diner. You order at the counter and if you can find a seat up there while you wait, you’ll have a great view of the grill and the rest of the place. I would dare to say that the oldest still working ATM in Montgomery is located inside, which is a good thing because they do not accept credit cards here.

All burgers are made to order so if you decide to come here for lunch, call your order in about 30 min before you want to eat. There’s only one phone and a lot of people call in, so be prepared to hang up and dial again several times before you get an answer.


Hamburger King

The Deluxe Cheeseburger, hold the ketchup.

The burgers are juicy but not too greasy, wrapped in white paper and placed in a paper bag for you to carry. If you aren’t in a rush, sit back and marvel at the fluidity by which your order is handled. Orders are scribbled down on paper bags with seemingly illegible handwriting. The bags are then staggered on the small space between the register and the grill. Somehow the cook gets the orders and the ladies place the completed orders on a shelf behind them until the rightful owner claims them. I have never got the wrong order. Amazing.

I can’t really critique the food since I have only had the deluxe Cheeseburger. I might never eat anything else here. I’m not sure anyone else does either. At Hamburger king, you either order a small hamburger/cheeseburger or the deluxe. I think they have hot dogs, but I have never seen anyone order one. There really is not much more on the lunch menu. The biggest choice you have to make is if you want chips and a soda with the burger. I do believe they serve breakfast, but I couldn’t tell you what that means at Hamburger King.

The condiments here are simple: Lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, mustard and mayo. That’s it. It reminds me of Scott Street Deli in that sense. When you have a great product, you don’t need many frills. Is it the best hamburger I’ll ever have? I don’t know. I plan on having many other burgers from many different locations in my lifetime. It is a pretty tasty burger though, one of the best I have had in Montgomery. That much is true, especially for the price. A deluxe cheeseburger and some chips will cost you less than $5.



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