22 September, 2013

La Coronilla – Authentic Mexican food in Montgomery

It is always nice to find food that remind you of home. Even though I am not Mexican, there is a big place in my heart ( and stomach) for Mexican food. My best friend is Mexican and I lived in Denver for 10 years, an area whose population is dominated by Hispanic people. Needless to say, I have had some great Mexican food ranging from home made tortillas, to street food, to high end.

The Montgomery food scene does not quite offer as many varieties of Mexican food, but I was glad to find this gem of a place on the Northern part of Eastern Boulevard, La Coronilla.

La Coronilla

Excellent salsa with a kick to it!

When I went to Mexico a few years ago, I ate at a lot of places that look just like La Coronilla. Replace the parking lot and asphalt surrounding the small building with dry dirt, and you have a country side restaurant in Mexico. The agave(?) plants outside, the many little trinkets outside and inside and the simple yet cozy and inviting seating.

I arrived at La Coronilla on a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago with a friend and decided to try the tacos. I had shrimp tacos, he had fish tacos. I initially asked if I could have two fish tacos and two shrimp since a serving came with four tacos total. I think it was a language issue, or perhaps a pricing issue but my request was denied. Luckily, my friend is a nice guy and didn’t mind sharing one of his fish tacos with me.

Fish Tacos

When going to a restaurant for the first time, I always look at the clientele. If i don’t see a lot of Mexican people at a Mexican place, chances are, it’s not that authentic. I can with all certainty say that my friend and I were the only non Hispanic people in the establishment, which means we hit the jackpot!

La Coronilla1

This is REAL Mexican food! Don’t expect to be served a mountain of sour cream and shredded lettuce with your meal. The golden yellow corn tortillas were beautifully fried and the green sauce that came on the side was spicy and delicious. Simple, good home made cooking. I squeezed a wedge of lemon on top of the shrimp, added some chopped onion and green chile sauce and took a bite. I was in heaven.

La Coronilla is officially added to my list of favorite Mexican places to eat in Montgomery, along with El Cantaro and La Zona Rosa. Although I have many more Mexican restaurants on my to do list, I must say that La Coronilla, thus far is earning its name as the crown of Mexican establishments in Montgomery, AL.

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