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Portland food and drinks

I recently visited Portland, OR for the first time and I thought I would share some places to try for food. Below is my list of various eateries, bars and food trucks that I visited during my 36 hour stay.

1. The first place our friends took us to was The Bye and Bye. The place is located in the Alberta neighborhood and has a really laid back feeling to it. There is a large patio in the front and the inside is very roomy too. They serve a descent selection of vegan food late at night which was very helpful to my famished vegan friend. I had a delicious beer and a taste of her tofu bowl before she devoured it. Overall, the place has a cool atmosphere and if you are in the NE portland area, I recommend you stop by to at least have one of their specialty drinks, served up in a mason jar.

PLaces to try while in Portland, OR

My beer from Vendetta. Skip the food.

2. We decided to have more drinks(of course) so we ended up at Vendetta. I was not particularly impressed with the menu here. It is basically bar food, with a few vegan options. I did like that the crowd was a bit more diverse here as opposed to the Bye and bye where everyone was a hipster. It made for some great people watching although I am sure it draws a bigger crowd on the weekends.

3. By the time we were done at vendetta, I was starving. Our friend suggested the 5th Quadrant for one last drink and some food. I have to say, I have never had a more delicious salad at 1 am ever! crisp lettuce with walnuts, goat cheese (or was it feta?) and cranberries.


My delicious salad!

This beats french fries anyday. The place was quiet but then again, it was almost closing time. Nice brewery relaxed environment and a big bonus was the walking distance from where we were staying.

4. Dogfeather’s coffee.The next morning, we were cruising around portland in hot pursuit of breakfast, mainly coffee. My friend has a 5-10 cup/day caffeine addiction and it was way past cup number 1 time. We were in a bind. It was almost a miracle, but we just happened upon the best little food truck park in Portland. I know it is not a very big city but to me it was an amazing coincidence.

Portland food

Fresh Smoothie from Dogfeather’s coffee.

At Dogfeather’s Coffee you get free coffee when you buy a smoothie so that was a done deal for me. I had some sort of ginger/carrot/apple concoction and a cup of Joe.

5. My rule when eating with friends is that we can never get the same thing. That way we each can try the other’s food and we get a two for one deal, in a sense. In accordance to this rule, I opted for a breakfast crepe from Cafe de Crepe. I had the Camus- avocado, spinach, mushroom and cheddar wrapped in a deliciously sweet crepe.

Portland food


The contrast between the gooey cheese and and all the veggies in combination with the slightly sweet pancake really hit the spot for me.

6. My now well caffeinated friend chose a breakfast wrap from The Big Egg. We picked out a table in the sun and sat down with all of our goodies. This little “park” of food is excellent and is perfect for a group because everyone can pick what they want. There were, of course several other food trucks there, but I can only speak on what I tried.

7. Our adventures that day lead us downtown. I recommend parking and getting a day pass on the local train, much easier and cheaper than trying to find parking and such. Also, it allows you to walk up to another awesome food truck thing-a-ma-bob where you can find the Small Pharaoh. This Egyptian guy was super nice, we ordered a  falafel and while I was deciding on what else to get, he asked if I wanted to try something authentically Egyptian. Is the Pope catholic?


Portland food

My Egyptian plate!

Portland food

Falafel from the Small Pharaoh

Of course I want to try. I later realized that this kind man was basically sharing his lunch with me, adorable!

While you are in Portland, definitely check out some of the bars, We stopped by both Swift Lounge and Bar Bar on our last night. Both worth a stop.

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