Sushi Cafe – Best Sushi Restaurant in Montgomery

When it comes to sushi, I can’t say no. I have a natural affinity for fish especially salmon so when sushi became popular when I was in high school I fell head over heels. Eating sushi regularly on a high school student budget was tricky so a friend of mine and I decided to learn how to make it ourselves. We would have sushi sessions at her house and eat until we were stuffed. Over the years I have occasionally whipped out my sushi making skills for people who love it as much as I do, but now I can (sometimes) afford to really indulge in sushi at a restaurant and save some time in the kitchen.


The traditionally mediocre salad with AMAZING Ginger Dressing

Sushi lovers tend to find each other in any type of social setting. It seems as though I find kindred sushi spirits everywhere I go. This is helpful because it means that you will always have someone to call on to accompany you when you are having a craving.

So the other day when one of these friends sent me a one word text: Sushi? I simply  replied: Always.

Although there are a few other places in Montgomery where I would spend sushi money, Sushi Cafe is hands down my favorite for a number of reasons.

  1. The salmon is sushi grade and melts in your mouth.
  2. The wait staff is friendly and attentive.
  3. The price is very reasonable for the quality and quantity of food that you get.
  4. The interior is tasteful and serene.
  5. The place has warm ambiance suitable for a romantic date or a group of friends celebrating

I’d like to think of myself as a sushi purist. Although I have and will order rolls on occasion,  I prefer my sushi simple, just rice and fish.I love the taste of the fish and the bite of the Wasabi when I accidentally add to much (on purpose).

Normally we would go for lunch because the price is cheaper and you get more bang for your buck. But since this was an evening affair, we decided to be daring a try the Sushi Lover’s Boat for two since it was the more economical option. For about $25 each we would get more sushi than if we each ordered individually.©Triburban

The Lover’s Boat will most definitely fill you up. If you are looking to eat sushi only and be satisfied, this is the meal you want. It does have a lot of different types of fish on it, so if you tend to stick to salmon and tuna, you might want to order something else.

The presentation was excellent, with two big serving trays, one in the shape of a boat. There was so much sushi, that my friend actually could not finish her half and I had to (twist my arm) finish the rest by myself. There was a few rolls on the plate and they were both tasty. One Was a doctored up tuna of some kind and the other was and inside out roll. Both rolls were not to “westernized” i.e. no cream cheese or cooked stuff inside. Thumbs up on that. There was an ample variety of Nigiri and Sashimi, I can honestly say I was not missing anything…

I will be back to visit Sushi Cafe soon, hopefully with a hot date in the very near future. ;)



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