Tomatino’s Pizza and Bake Shop

This is Tomatino’s. If you like pan pizza, go to Pizza Hut.

There are certain people in this town who claim that excellent pizza can be found downtown. Don’t listen to those people unless you want to pay for bad service and tomato sauce on a piece of cardboard in a swanky setting. If you’d rather get hand crafted quality pizza made with fresh local produce and meats, try Tomatino’s instead.



The Chef Salad. It is like eating a pizza but with lettuce instead of crust.

Right across from the Capri theatre is the tiny Cloverdale pizzeria, Tomatino’s. It is a great little neighborhood restaurant and if you are into knowing where your food came from, this place is for you. At this place, they make hand tossed fresh from the oven artisan pizza. The menu is just big enough but if you can’t find a pizza that you like, there is always the option to build your own choosing from a variety of toppings.



Their best kept secret in my opinion is the Garden Salad. There are only four salads on the menu and the garden salad sounds the least interesting when you read the menu. : Garden salad with premium vegetables. That is all it says. Sounds boring, right? NOT! This is the most bang for your buck when it comes to salad that I have ever experienced. I first had it on a Sunday when I was very hung over and all I wanted was this salad. I waited until 4 pm when they opened and I may be exaggerating but I am pretty sure I was dying from starvation at that point, not to mention dehydration.

I had been told how great the salad was but due to my “condition” at the time, I thought it wise to add meat to the salad for some substance. Never before in this capitalist country of the US of A have I been advised not to pay more for a meal at an establishment but it happened at Tomatino’s. The lady at the counter said that I did not need the extra meat; in fact she said she would not be able to close the lid on the to-go box if I ordered it. I was skeptical but didn’t argue. She works there, she should now, right? Besides, I was much too weak for any kind of shenanigan’s. I am so glad I listened. My salad was so large I had to place it in a glass mixing bowl at home, just to add the dressing and toss it. The garden salad basically consists  of all the vegetable topping that they offer topped with to types of cheese and your choice of dressing.


The Garden Salad

The next best thing about Tomatino’s is that it shares a wall and kitchen with the neighboring coffee shop, Cafe Louisa. this means that you can end your meal with something sweet like a scoop of gelato or a home made baked good. If you are not into the sweets, have a cappuccino or just another glass of wine.

I’ve tried all the salads, the pizza, and the calzone. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the calzone. It was not bad, just not as good as everything else I’ve had here.

Overall, this is a great neighborhood spot; if you live in the area you could walk over and dine in or just get a pizza to go. Tomatino’s has a great selection of beer and wine but if you don’t drink beverages of the alcoholic nature they do have organic ginger ale, orangina (love that stuff), lemonades and a variety of sparkling and still waters.


The calzone. Normally one of my all time favorites, this one didn’t quite hit the spot.



Sure, Tomatino’s costs a bit more than the crazy cheap deals the big pizza places offer, but you get a handmade pizza made from fresh ingredients while you are supporting a small locally owned business. That makes it taste that much better.

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