About Triburban

About Triburban

Triburban is a black owned online business directory, offering free listings to Black Owned Businesses and Black Entrepreneurs. The directory is completely free of charge and allows users to find, solicit, rate and review local businesses, online companies and services provided by members of the African diaspora, all over the world.

African-Americans alone had a buying power of 1.1 trillion dollars in 2015. I wanted to create a one stop website directory of  black owned businesses, so that more of that money will circulate longer within the community. Capitalism is a game of supply and demand, Triburban seeks to shift the power of consumerism from major companies to consumers and small business owners, allowing them to make a conscious choice about where to spend their money.

Mission Statement:

To provide a free and reliable resources through which people of color may locate products and service from local allied businesses, thereby strengthening and expanding the buying power of minorities, thus empowering the people, not corporate institutions.

Company Goals and Objectives:

Triburban wants to be the number one, most reliable resource for connecting Black Owned Businesses and their customers. 

Triburban – One woman’s pipe dream becomes a reality.

I am Cécile and the founder of  Triburban. A few Years ago, I thought it would be a good idea to have a website. I called a web designer friend who advised me to buy a domain name.

Triburban (Tribe-Urban or Tri-Burban)

Tribe-Urban – To be an individual who lives in an urban setting but indulges, seeks out, and embodies their tribal heritage in their wardrobe, attitude, home and personality.

Tri-Burban – A person whose cultural, ethnic and spiritual background is composed of several places. The Tri-Burban can reside anywhere because they carry their diverse heritage with them anywhere they go.

The domain name turned into a blog, that turned into what Triburban is today, A Black Owned Business Directory.  Over the years, I have picked up a variety of skills that help me in my everyday Triburban life.

I know just enough about websites to know not to attempt advanced coding, ha ha! That’s why I turn to  friends who are the best at what they do for all my advanced web stuff.

I know a ton of amazing people who know other amazing people, I connect them when I can and add all of them in the Triburban directory.

I hate going out, so you’ll most likely find me in front of the computer, adding listings.

But I also like wine, so sometimes I do that instead of working.

However, I am always thinking of work, because it is everything to me!

In short, I eat, sleep, breathe and drink Triburban 24/7, 365 days a year.

Help me reach my goal of 3,000 listings by the end of 2017! Click here to help!

Where do you have listings?

We currently  have 100 or more listings in each of the following cities or areas:

  • Denver, CO – USA
  • Atlanta, GA – USA
  • Montgomery, AL – USA
  • Washington, DC – USA

We will be adding to this list as the directory grows. Make sure to join the Triburban community to follow the journey to 3,000 listings.

My promise to you, an interactive directory website that continues to evolve as it grows, with the help of the community who built it.

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