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Before adding a new business, make sure it is not already in the directory by searching for the business name and city or state. If you see the business, but think the information is inaccurate or in the wrong category, please send an email to:, and an admin will verify and correct any erroneous information on the listing.

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To get started, simply choose the free listing option and fill in the information. An administrator will review and verify the information you provided, and add the business listing to the directory. Once you see your business listing, make sure to review it and give it a star rating. By adding business listings, you are contributing to create a stronger community, both economically and socially. Make sure to register and create a profile, so that we may properly thank you for helping us create the largest black owned business directory online.

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Adding a business that you own is a two step process. You must first enter information below and await admin to approve and publish the listing. Once your business is visible in the directory, click the “Claim this business” to gain editing privileges.  Please understand that by adding your business, you consent to having public, unbiased ratings and reviews be visible by users when viewing your listing. Once the initial information has been reviewed and approved, your listing will appear in the directory. You may then claim your listing and add additional information, images, and special offers.

How much does it cost?

Adding a business listing on is always free. We want the community to be able to rate, review and support as many black owned businesses as possible. As a business owner, you may pay for advertising space on the site. To inquire, please send an e-mail to: To learn more about how we keep this website going at no cost to our users and business owners, please click here.


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